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Have you been looking for a place to shop tyres online? At MFIX, we offer an exclusive range of tyres varying from high performance car tyres to the normal car tyres, which you can now shop at the comfort of your home. If you’re worried about the authenticity of our products while buying online tyres, we go one step ahead by providing tyres with RFID tags and our MFIX warranty to ensure that every product you receive is 100% genuine. Explore our gallery today and order your tyre in Dubai at the best price!

How to Improve Tyre Mileage?

Because tyres always remain in contact with the road, they’re one of the most vital parts of your vehicle. From sustaining the load, cushioning a ride, transmitting the driving and the breaking force, to providing more grip, the tyres perform several crucial functions to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Because your tyres go through a lot on the road, you must diligently focus on the maintenance of tyres to increase the mileage. Here are a few things you can do 

Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure

Under-inflated tyres cause a higher degree of wear and tear on tyre shoulders and over inflated tyres causes the center wear on the tread. Under inflation increases the rolling resistance of tyres thereby reducing the fuel mileage. Hence, maintaining the correct air pressure is the way to go for better mileage in the long run.

Avoid Hard Acceleration & Sudden Braking

Because they generate high friction and abrasion leading to abnormal tyre tread wear. you must refrain from sudden braking and hard acceleration whenever it’s unnecessary.

Check Wheel Alignment

Feel the steering pull on either sides and consult MFIX if the vehicle is non steady on the road. Wheel alignment issues could be more of mechanical in origin which needs to be diagnosed and rectified immediately to save your tyres.

Wheel Alignment

Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

Just shopping for tyres doesn’t end your responsibilities; you must also maintain them. And this is where wheel alignment comes to play. It can influence how your vehicle responds to steering, impacting the lifespan of your tyres.

By routinely having your wheels aligned, you will be able to improve handling, reduce tyre wear, increase fuel efficiency, and make driving more comfortable and safer for everybody.

When you shop tyres online at MFIX in Dubai, we’ll have a wheel alignment done for you for free!

Why Do You Need Tyre Rotation?

The quality, longevity and safety of your drive depends on your tyres. Because replacing them can cost you a significant amount of money, it’s best to take their maintenance seriously. One of the ways to optimise tyre performance and extend their life cycle is through tyre rotation.

Because your tyres experience varying degree of mechanical stress due to technical positioning on the axles, they experience different types of wear and tear. In order to spread the wear evenly across all four tyres, you must perform tyre rotation routinely. Not only will it increase the lifespan of your tyres, but it will also optimise handling performance and traction, giving you a smooth and safe ride.

Need help with tyre rotation? Call MFIX at 8006349 to get the information you need.

What are the Benefits of Nitrogen for Tyres?

Nitrogen in tyres will maintain tyre pressure better as compared to normal air (air is a mixture of gases – Nitrogen 78%, Oxygen 21%, other gases 1%). Since oxygen oxidises faster, it reacts readily with tyre components and also seeps through the rubber faster, causing under-inflated tyres. On the contrary, nitrogen is an inert gas and nitrogen molecules are larger as compared to oxygen molecules, which makes it difficult for them to leak through the rubber. With a size difference of just 2.6%, nitrogen-filled tyres will slow down tyre leaks by three to four times more than tyres with compressed air. Nitrogen is also a cool gas thereby helping the tyre run cooler.

Why Buy tyres with Low Rolling Resistance?

Rolling resistance will occur each time your tyres are in contact with a road surface. Though it cannot be avoided entirely, it is possible to minimise it. At MFIX, you will find tyres engineered with special tread components with low rolling resistance and more resistance to heat generation reducing the energy loss. As a driver, if you wish to optimise the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, shop tyres from MFIX with low rolling resistance and save a significant amount of money on fuel.

Are Eco-Friendly Tyres Worth It?

Eco-friendly tyres are designed to minimise fuel consumption by affecting a tyre’s rolling resistance. When tyres tread on a surface, it leads to friction. When there is more friction, it will lead to higher fuel consumption. The job of a green tyre is to reduce friction caused by movement, ultimately lowering rolling resistance and fuel consumption. Remember, low fuel consumption also means lesser exhaust and carbon dioxide emission thereby minimizing the greenhouse effect.

Get the best eco-friendly tyres at affordable prices at MFIX online tyre shop. Browse through our collection and check out our green tyre price in UAE today!

We make shopping tyres online easy at MFIX!

Getting the right tyres for your vehicle isn’t as easy as it sounds. With so many new features and brands out there, it’s easy to feel confused. With MFIX’s experts at your beck and call, you can learn what’s best for your vehicle without any hassle. Call our MFIX experts today at 8006349, and we will guide you through our collection to make tyre shopping easy, affordable and convenient.

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